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Minimusic Student Workbook

by Paula Manwaring

Minimusic Student Workbook

Minimusic is a pre-reading music course which teaches the basic theory concepts for children ages 5-7. Each of the 32 lessons are outlines in an easy to follow lesson plan. Each lesson is designed to be completed within an hour.

Minimusic is designed to teach in small group. It can also be adapted for a larger class setting. Theory concepts are taught through stories, songs, games, worksheets, and class activities. 

Minimusic prepares students for studying piano, voice, and small instruments. 

Minimusic graduates are well prepared to being regular music lessons on a primer level.Their working knowledge of rhythm and counting is outstanding! They will move very quickly as they have a solid understanding of the basic theory concepts.

Minimusic Teacher's Kit is all inclusive. Student Workbooks are required for the course and are sold separately. 

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Product Details:

10-digit ISBN Number: 0849773172
13-digit ISBN Number: 9780849773174
Media: Music Books
Level or Grade: ELEM
Series: Minimusic

Edition Number: KP18S / Price: $7.50

Sample Pages
KP18S - Minimusic Student Workbook - (Sample Worksheet)
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