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Mary Dolen

Mary DolenMary Flavin Dolen has been an educator, performer, and composer of music for over twenty years. Mary completed her Bachelor of Music degree in composition at Chapman University in 1983 and received her Master of Music in composition at Boston University in 1986. During her tenure at B.U., Mary was a founding member of the prestigious group Underground Composers, an ensemble devoted to bringing new music to the greater Boston area. Many of Mary’s original compositions were performed with this group.

Mary has taught music theory and piano at community colleges in upstate New York and southern California. She is very involved in the Music Teachers’ Association of California, and has held a variety of offices. As chairperson of the Redlands branch Composers Today, Mary enjoys giving workshops for young composers.

Having also received a California State Teaching Credential, Mary has been active in the public school system, in addition to teaching privately in her home. She currently teaches full time while continuing to compose. Mary resides in Redlands, California with her husband Ray, and their children, Joe and Brenna Camille.

    Piano Publications by Mary Dolen (9)

    Ancient Face of the Sun (Dolen) - WP1109 / $2.95sample available for this title
    Circle Dance (Dolen) - WP1128 / $3.45sample available for this title
    Dance of the Red Feather (Dolen) - WP1110 / $3.45sample available for this title
    From My Own Backyard (Dolen) - WP583 / $5.45Table of Contents available for this titleaudio available for this title
    Little Cubs Dance (Dolen) - WP1114 / $2.95audio available for this titlesample available for this title
    Tango In The Outfield (Dolen) - WP580 / $5.45Table of Contents available for this titleaudio available for this title
    Three Suites For Piano-Spirit Of The Journey (Dolen) - WP573 / $4.95
    To Climb a Tall Tree (Dolen) - WP585 / $4.95
    Where the Deer and the Canteloupe Play (Dolen) - WP1127 / $2.95sample available for this title
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