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New for Jazz

New Methods:

2016 Kjos Jazz Band Repertoire

Excellence In Jazz Pedagogy
Excellence in Jazz Pedagogy is a series of short, targeted publications by renowned jazz educator, composer, and performer Dean Sorenson. Each book in this collection focuses on specific topics important to anyone teaching or studying jazz. Use the books in the series as: · reference guides for the working music educator. · supplements

First Place for Jazz Charts
All charts in the First Place for Jazz series feature flexible instrumentation. They can be performed by the full jazz ensemble, or will sound full and complete with as few as nine players: 1st and 2nd Alto Saxophone, 1st Tenor Saxophone, 1st and 2nd Trumpet, 1st Trombone, Piano, Bass, and Drums. Parts are also included for Flute, Clarinet, F Horn, Tuba, and Baritone T.C.

Kjos FlexJazz Charts
The Kjos FlexJazz Series includes charts that allow everyone get into the game. Scored at a grade 1 level, these pieces are playable by virtually any combination of instruments. Solo sections are completely flexible and included suggested solos as well as solo scales. All rhythm section parts are completely notated. If you have an uneven or uncertain instrumentation, this is the ser

New Repertoire:

More Treehouse Chatter - WP1181 / $6.50

This delightful set of elementary solos builds on the popular Treehouse Chatter by the same composer, but at the next grade level. The playful lyrics and attractive melodies of these 8 piano solos motivate students and stir their imaginations. Early-level hands-together playing, first in 5-finger positions, but later pieces extend the hand to reach the interval of a 6th.

Chin Music - Score (Sorenson) - ZB446F / $7.00audio available for this titlesample available for this title

A straight ahead rocker that refers to a baseball pitch that is thrown to the high and inside part of the plate. A very high-energy chart that is a perfect closer or opener.

Duration: 2:05

Minnesalsa (Freier) - ZB449 / $48.00audio available for this titlesample available for this title

Heating up the north woods, this is a very authentic yet playable salsa groove. Clearly notated rhythm section parts help students be successful playing this challenging style.

Duration 4:00

Nature’s Cacophony, Book 2 - WP621 / $6.50

A perfect collection for pre-teen and teenage students who are picky with what repertoire they want to study and play. Diverse and contemporary writing that advance skills and showmanship. Each book contains eight piano solos that capture, with dramatic flair, some of the wonderment of nature. These books are perfect for study and for recitals.

Level: Intermediate/ Late Intermediate

One Eyed Jack - Score (Sorenson) - ZB445F / $7.00audio available for this titlesample available for this title

Minor modes seem to work great with young players, and this medium tempo swinger holds all the cards. The melody is played in a call and response pattern, while the shout chorus includes solid concerted figures.

Duration: 2:20

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New Methods & Collections:

2016 Kjos Jazz Band Repertoire

Excellence In Jazz Pedagogy

First Place for Jazz Charts

Kjos FlexJazz Charts



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