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Kjos Multiple Option Scoring

The use of Kjos Multiple Option Scoring allows unlimited flexibility to meet the needs of your ensemble. The arrangements are written in three parts: A, B, and C. The A part is the "melody" part, the B part is a "harmony" part, and the C part is a "bass line" part. By mixing and matching these parts, each arrangement can be performed in an unlimited number of ways by any combination of band, orchestra, or (in some instances) mixed--A as a solo; A and B as a duet; or A, B, and C as a trio. If more than one instrument plays the A, B, or C part, the arrangements can also be performed as quartets, quintets, larger ensembles, percussion ensembles, or even by a full concert band when the percussion parts are included. You can also add the Piano Accompaniment (if available) to any combination to further enhance your performance.

In addition: Kjos Music provides "Multi-level" scoring (pertaining to grade/difficulty level):
Strings Extraordinaire
Holidays Extraordinaire
More Strings Extraordinaire
--plus a few string orchestra pieces (please inquire for these titles)


Festival Ensembles 1
Festival Ensembles 2
Sounds of the Season
Bach and Before for Band
A Best in Class Christmas
Sacred Settings
Classic Christmas Carols
Christmas Time (Not Multiple Option Scoring, but variable instrumentation)
Jazz Combo Session
Harmonized Rhythms
Tradition of Excellence Book1 has 5 ensembles in Multiple Scoring Option format
Tradition of Excellence Book 2 has 1 ensemble


Christmas Kaleidoscope 1
Christmas Kaleidoscope 2
All for Strings - Primo Performance
All for Strings - Primo Encores
Bach and Before for Strings
Variables (Archive Edition)
Artistry in Ensembles
First Things First
First Things First S'More
Harmonized Rhythms for Strings
Sacred Settings
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New Methods & Collections:

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Tradition of Excellence: Excellence in Chamber Music

New Piano Books

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A piano method designed for achievement and success!

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Creative Chords Keyboard Improvisation Method

Master Composer Library

National Federation of Music Clubs July 2016 - June 2020

Palette of Touches

New Methods & Collections:

2016 Kjos Jazz Band Repertoire

Excellence In Jazz Pedagogy

First Place for Jazz Charts

Kjos FlexJazz Charts

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String Basics First Performance Ensembles Book 1

String Tracks XXVII

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Music for the Church Year - Complete Listing

Music for the Church Year 2016 - NN1601C

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Maximizing Student Performance



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