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Harmonized Rhythms

by James Thornton and Charles Forque

The primary focus of Harmonized Rhythms is to teach rhythmic precision through performance of 45 progressive four-part harmonized melodies. Each part book has the melody plus one or two harmony parts, which are rhythmically independent of the melody and each other. The band ensemble will gain rhythmic independence through rehearsal of the different parts.

Playing with rhythmic precision does not come naturally for many players. After students pass the beginning stages, they must be trained to think and feel the pulse of the beat. Understanding how different rhythmic patterns work together is a prerequisite to successful performances. The approach taken in Harmonized Rhythms is an excellent way to develop mental concentration, which is the key to playing with precision.

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Sample Pages
W18BC - Harmonized Rhythms - Euphonium - (Sample Page) W18BC - Harmonized Rhythms - Euphonium - (Table of Contents)
W18BN - Harmonized Rhythms - Bassoon - (Sample Page) W18BN - Harmonized Rhythms - Bassoon - (Table of Contents)
W18BS - Harmonized Rhythms - Tuba - (Sample Page) W18BS - Harmonized Rhythms - Tuba - (Table of Contents)
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