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Standard of Excellence In Concert

The Standard of Excellence In Concert series presents exceptional arrangements, transcriptions, and original concert and festival pieces for beginning and intermediate band. Each selection is correlated to a specific page in the Standard of Excellence Band Method, reinforcing and expanding skills and concepts introduced in the method up to that point. Exciting parts with extensive cross-cueing are presented for every player. Accessible ranges, appropriate rhythmic challenges, and creative percussion section writing enhance the pedagogical value of the series.

Sold individually, each In Concert selection includes a full Conductor Score and enough student parts for large symphonic bands. Each student part also includes correlated Warm-Up Studies. The Conductor Score comes complete with rehearsal suggestions, a composer biography, program notes, a rehearsal piano part, several ready-to-duplicate worksheets and a duplicable written quiz.

Sample Pages
WB337 - Blues Down Under (Sample Page) WB336 - Castles and Kings (Sample Page)
WB345 - Chugach Overture (Sample Page) WB346 - The Summit (Sample Page)
WB334 - The Voice on the Mountain (Sample Page) Wb338 - Walking with the Pride (Sample Page)
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Audio Files
Wb337 - Blues Down Under (Sample Recording)
WB336 - Castles and Kings (Sample Recording)
WB345 - Chugach Overture (Sample Recording)
WB346 - The Summit (Sample Recording)
WB334 - The Voice on the Mountain (Sample Recording)
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Standard of Excellence In Concert:

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