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Fun with Composers

by Deborah Lyn Ziolkoski

A Simple, Fun Approach to Classical Music!

Fun with Composers unique, interactive approach brings classical music to life! Let the power of storytelling draw children into the intriguing world of classical music! Fun with Composers brings classical music from what can seem to children like a complicated, mysterious form to one that is completely child-centered and fascinating!

Dancing Bugs, Ringmasters and Secret Agents are just a few of the fascinating characters unveiled in this unique union of story and song. The approach nurtures the many ways which children learn, providing fun visuals, imaginative stories, and many opportunities for creative improvisation. Fun with Composers promotes creativity by encouraging the child to create fun, imaginative characters and bring them to life through drama, song, creative movement and instrumental play. This interactive approach caters to the many different needs of children, allowing every child to participate and feel successful.

Fun with Composers captivates children's imaginations through an interactive approach to classical music. Magical Chefs, Snobby Pears, and Sea Creatures are discovered in the music of Camille Saint-Saens, Grieg, and other greats! This Orff-based approach makes orchestral works spring to life as children sing, dance, act, and move to the music. The flexible guides are easy to integrate into a curriculum, providing teachers with a wide range of themes, music, and composers to choose from. Teachers have always been fascinated by how easy it is to adapt our lessons to any grade level. Music and concepts have been creatively woven into the lessons to keep the emphasis on imaginative fun!

Fun with Composers is truly teacher friendly. Reproducible composer images, biographies, music maps, and activity pages are designed to enrich the child's experience. Nine exciting classical selections are introduced, providing teachers with over 27 detailed lesson plans - well over a year's worth of classical music materials! The guides provide teachers with a classical music supplement that enriches any program.
The Guide includes: A CD with fun-filled lyrics as well as an authentic orchestral recording of each selection & a DVD featuring key teaching strategies and the final performance of each selection.

Teacher's Guides (Book + CD & DVD): (Ages 3-6) & (Ages 7-12)


Composer images and stories, music maps, activity pages, intriguing stories and much more! "Just for Kids" is a simple "take-home" version of the Teacher Guides, designed with the child in mind. Parents will be thrilled with the simple guided activities provided, making it possible for their child to sing, dance, act, and play along with the music of Mozart, Brahms, Grieg, Strauss and other great composers. A wonderful way for parents to introduce their child to classical music in a fun, dynamic and very user-friendly way.

The CDs include fun-filled lyrics that help parents guide their children through the child-centered music maps. Squiggles, dots, and fun pictures are arranged to present the music in an organized, sequential manner. Who would have ever dreamed that a child could follow along to the sophisticated music of Mozart with such ease! An authentic, orchestral recording of each selection is also provided so that children can appreciate and enjoy the music as it was originally intended. Parents who have employed these guides will be amazed at how their child's imagination takes flight while listening to these orchestral works. Classical music truly acquires a whole new identity through the eyes of the child! "

Just for Kids" Guides (Book + CD): (Ages 3-6) & (Ages 7-12)



  • Children of all levels of ability (ideal for ages 3-12)
  • Music teachers
  • Classroom teachers
  • Music therapists
  • Resource teachers
  • ESL teachers
  • Substitute teachers
  • Homeschooling parents
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Anyone who loves music!



“The creativity and skills of Deborah Ziolkoski have brought over 100,000 children in British Columbia closer to the music performed by the Vancouver Symphony in our education concerts. Deborah’s wonderful concepts for appreciating music and her deep understanding of how students respond to music are now made available to a wider audience. Deborah shows that music is not a mystery - it is a fundamental component of each human experience. I warmly recommend this book to every educator and parent who wishes to give the gift of music to a child. ”

- Bramwell Tovey, Music Director, Vancouver Symphony / Music Director, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg

“This series provides educators, both music specialist and classroom teacher alike, with a rich resource that stimulates children of all ages to become excited about the treasure that is classical music. I am delighted that students are encouraged to share with family and friends their knowledge about the classics through reproducible, take-home materials.”

- Ruth Wiwchar, Consultant for Elementary Music Education in Pembina Trail School Division
Artistic Director of the Honour Choir Program, Pembina Trail's Voices

"I am a mother of two and a I have taught Montessori preschool/kindergarten for the past 13 years. I am so excited about the "Fun With Composers" curriculum and have had great success with implementing it in my classroom and also with my own children. The stories and activities are fun, creative and definitely capture a child's attention and imagination! It is a wonderful way to introduce children to classical music in a fun, simple, dynamic manner that is extremely user-friendly! I would recommend this program to all teachers and parents alike. Thank-you for enriching my classroom and helping to instill in both my daughters an appreciation for classical music!"

- Bree Van Nes, Montessori Teacher Trainer, Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher

"Thank you, for your vision & your talent for teaching, for your determination in helping our children create such powerful music together. Never 'let your bar drop' - our children have learned so much more than just music through you. You've taught them to reach for those high ideals, & with energy, teamwork, & perserverance, they'll attain them! I only wish sarah might have had more time with you... Thank you!"

- Barbara Wells , Teacher/Parent

"We are taking figurative pen in hand to commend Mlle. D. Ziolkoski for this past year's work. She was our son's music teacher. James says Mlle. D. Ziolkoski makes music fun to learn. Our son has simply blossomed musically under this woman's teaching, Mlle D. Ziolkoski's persona exudes music and she is able to transfer this energy to her students. She is Ecole Robert Browning's musical treasure."

- Scott and Karen Edwards, Parents

"I teach at Children's House Montessori School, a school for children 2½ to 5 years of age. I am responsible for the music program. Recently, I did a few lessons using your listening exercise for the Tritsch-Tratsch Polka. The children loved it! I told them that another teacher had made this lesson up. They felt that we should let you know how much we enjoyed it. Hence, the pictures in this envelope. Thanks again for sharing such a marvelous lesson"

- Kathy Pankrat, Music Program Director, Childen's House Montessori School

For more information, please visit www.funwithcomposers.com.

Sample Pages
FWC3601 - Sample Activity Sheet FWC3601 - Sample Music Map
FWC3601 - Sample Coloring Page
Video Files
Sample Video Lesson
Final Outcome - William Tell Overture
Workshop at Your Fingertips
Introduction to Fun With Composers
DVD Sampler
What Parents and Teachers Are Saying
Final Outcome - Rondo Alla Turca
Final Outcome - Marriage of Figaro
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Sample Activity Sheet (from Teacher's Guide)
Sample Music Map (from Teacher's Guide)
Sample Coloring Page (from Teacher's Guide)
video available for this title
Sample Video Lesson

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