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Keith Snell Piano Publications

by Keith Snell

Keith Snell, co-author of the Piano Town piano method, has forged a solid reputation as a leader in piano pedagogy with his highly successful editions, which span a vast array of graded and correlated books for piano, which have grown to be one of the most successful educational series published.

The Keith Snell Piano Series presents the highest quality piano literature by leading composers of all musical periods in a graduated series of 11 levels. Each level consists of three volumes of repertoire (Baroque & Classical; Romantic & 20th Century; Etudes) carefully selected and graded for the steady and progressive development of musicianship and technique. Compact Disc Recordings by Diane Hidy accompany each level and closely follow the editions as a practical performance example for students. Contributing Composers and Pianists include: Keith Snell, Martha Ashleigh, Hans Boepple, Diane Hidy, and Nelita True. A correlated series of theory and teacher's answer books (Fundamentals of Piano Theory) and technique (Scale Skills) ensures a well-balanced and complete curriculum for all students.

Completing the lineup is the Master Composer Library; Snell's editions of Standard Piano Repertoire, sought after not only for the reasonable price, but for the thoughtful editing and compellation of the best of the Great Masters of Piano Music.

Learn more about Keith Snell at www.keithsnellpianist.com.

Piano Town/Keith Snell Repertoire Correlation Chart

Sample Pages
GP450 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Preparatory Level (Table of Contents) GP451 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Level One (Table of Contents)
GP452 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Level Two (Table of Contents) GP453 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Level Three (Table of Contents)
GP454 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Level Four (Table of Contents) GP455 - Essential Piano Repertoire - Level Five (Table of Contents)
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Keith Snell Piano Publications:

Master Composer Library:

Piano Town:

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Snell Repertoire
Teacher's Index (24 Pgs)


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