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TCW Theory Gymnastics™

Theory Gymnastics™ is the most creative and comprehensive theory curriculum available and the perfect companion to every method. By combining hilariously funny games with their creative books, the Three Cranky Women (TCW Resources) have elevated music theory from the boring “must-do” to the “I can’t wait to do!” Whether a practice page or a brain-teasingly difficult puzzle page, the variety of activities requires students to repeatedly use and apply each theory concept in new and different ways. This approach guarantees students will not only master their theory, but will also transfer this knowledge to the study of new repertoire. Theory Gymnastics™ has been used with overwhelming success to prepare students for state and national theory and ear-training exams throughout the United States.

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Sample Pages
TW200A1 - Theory Gymnastics: Brillante (Level A) (Table of Contents) TW200A1 - Theory Gymnastics: Brillante (Level A) (Sample Page)
TW200A2 - Theory Gymnastics: Animato (Level A) (Table of Contents) TW200A2 - Theory Gymnastics: Animato (Level A) (Sample Page)
TW201A1 - Brillante Teacher Guide (Sample Page 1) TW201A2 - Animato Teacher Guide (Sample Page 1)
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TCW Theory Gymnastics™:

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